The Stars of Bethlehem

A long long time ago, when Bethlehem became my home, I met one of my best friends here. My friend is one of 6 siblings who I have also inherited as friends, and now I have photographed 2 of their weddings! What an honor and a joy to be part of the celebrations of one of my favorite families once again.

Rachel and Chris came together in a joyous evening ceremony at one of my most favorite places ever, The Historic Hotel Bethlehem of course! I noticed that as the night went on, this wonderful town became a main character in the love story… The hotel, the amazing shots right on the central star of Bethlehem on Main Street, and even the Moravian candles and stars on the tables at reception. You just can’t do better than that.

You also can’t do better than watching this family join together, kids and all for the first dances, and even first look! As per usual, I shed more than one lil’ tear behind the lens. Congratulations to Rachel, Chris, and kids and family on truly a beautiful event, and on finding each other in our beautiful town.

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