Lehigh ’22!

Yesterday afternoon was a dream for weather! We had a small group of grads and although we had to dodge a few frisbees and broken heels, we got some great snaps around campus. The firsts of many groups this spring!

Dancing Through Nazareth

Ioana and George met as dancers, and now they are dancing off into the sunset together as a newly married couple! These sweet and photogenic lovebirds contacted me shortly before their nupitals at Narareth’s Borough Council Chambers (such a pretty old building!) and I jumped at the chance to kick-start my wedding season! Ioana and George were both inspired and inspiring, and their love story lit up the town center. We had only a few short minutes with each other but we made them count, and I think the essence of their romance comes through in these photos. Spring is for lovers!

Freezing Beauties

Sunday was without a doubt THE COLDEST graduation session (or session in general) that I’ve ever shot, and let me say, the gorgeous ladies graduating from Metro Beauty academy did not let it stop them from hitting all their poses. I couldn’t feel by hands and I was in a puffer coat, so as I’m writing this I hope that no-one got hypothermia! Join me in congratulating these professionals on their graduation, and I thank them for making the day a little warmer with their enthusiasm and champagne!

Three Cheers for Dad!

This weekend was the joyful start of graduation season in my world, with this adorable and proud family! The fantastic foursome gathered at Lehigh’s budding campus to celebrate Dad’s momentous achievement, all in their impeccable blues and the subject of honor in his cap and gown. Mom wore shoes from their wedding, which was also shot at Lehigh! That isn’t all they borrowed from their nuptials, we recreated some of their wedding photos as well, which was so much fun. Congratulations on finishing that degree it was so thrilling to involve the whole family, surely the achievement modeled here will be a part of the little ones’ memories and motivations in the future!

Benjamin & Hilary

A gorgeous old mansion, a black dress, high end spirits, and acrobats!!! At least two of those were firsts for me at this perfect October wedding. I enjoyed every hour of capturing this couple’s stunning and sweet event this Saturday. Love filled the air, I mean you could just breathe it right in. Benjamin and Hilary are head over (sparkling) heels for each other. If you couldn’t see it for yourself, Ben was happy to tell you. As we discussed how everyone should be so lucky to have a love like theirs he became serious, saying: “but they’ll never know… because they can’t have her; she’s mine!” I just about melted on the spot, and that’s BEFORE he saw his bride in her incredible black gown. Tears ensued (mine). Please enjoy these moments at Bethlehem’s inimitable Sayre Mansion, and share their joy!

Running Away with the Newest Reeves

The title of this post is not about me running away WITH my new tiny subject here, (I totally would, look at her!) but rather the four of us scampering off the grounds of the Manor House at Prophecy Creek Park when they sent someone to shoo us away from a wedding. Turns out, we did just fine in the surrounding fields and walkways. LOOK AT THESE CHEEKS. I get to see these beautiful folks year after year. First there was engagement, then there was marriage, then there was maternity, and now the princess is here! She’s super loved, already making amazing eye contact with the camera, and hamming it up. There were no tears… (only dinosaur noises, as one does) I count myself so lucky to have spent a perfect October afternoon with one of my favorite families.

Sublime Grace on Campus

So my youth has officially become vintage throwback material, and I am an OId, but how can I complain when yesterday’s client made it all so cool again? (Peep the tank in outfit #2) We had a great senior photo session on – you guessed it – Lehigh University campus yesterday, and although I’ve spent a lot of time there this summer and fall, I did discover a sculpture I hadn’t seen before and a couple other angles I hadn’t gotten to, and it was super fun. This multi-talented beauty wowed with her style and grace (en pointe no less!) and I am excited for her journey! I love seeing what this generation is bringing to the table, so many good things co

Running in Circles and Catching Crickets

For their third family photo session with me, this awesome family returned to the scene of last year’s shoot at Trexler park in Allentown. It has been a few minutes since I did a family session and it’s just crazy how the light has already changed so much since the height of summer. The foliage is transitioning into warmer colors, and with it my editing. It’s a big park, which is good for those kid bursts of energy, but can also turn into “I don’t want to walk anymore” around the end of the hour. The trick is to capture all the cuteness in between! We did some fish spotting and bug hunting. We ran in circles and had a jumping contest, we may or may not have all left sweaty. It’s been fun to watch these boys get bigger every year. (Oh, and if you are a cookie connoisseur who loves a theme, I have just the professional for your next party favors!)

Blue Jeans and Glam with Alpha Gam

Sunday was a gorgeous day to round up what seemed like hundreds of lovely Alpha Gamma Delta ladies at Lehigh and get some group portraits done! They were very efficient and organized, and we had fun walking and posing with different groups as the last bit of sun sparkled through the architecture. I look forward to these group sessions every time I do them, they’re always a blast, and who doesn’t want to spend their afternoon on the gorgeous Lehigh campus?