Headshots for Shannon

Shannon is one of the oldest friends I have and when she told me she needed new headshots I absolutely jumped at the chance to take a mini road trip to her beautiful apartment in White Plains, NY to get those done for her! We had a great time catching up, and running loose all over the nearby campus for photos. We found some awesome nooks and corners and as a bonus, we set off an alarm taking photos in an unmanned corporate conference center. In our defense, the doors were open! It’s always a laugh with this girl, and I hope there will be more trips in the future!

The Bauers Family Photos

A week ago, I had the opportunity to check out a beautiful shoot spot I hadn’t gone to before, which was the Trexler Memorial Park in Allentown, PA. When Laura came to me for family photos I suggested this as a location, and while it was definitely perfect, and a lovely afternoon, I AM still laughing because we spent nearly the entire couple hours in search of a tree that I thought I had seen on the internet but which apparently did not actually exist. The verdict is still out on that one, maybe we just didn’t take the right turn! At any rate, we had a great time, and the photos are super cute, just like the Bauers!

Bertie’s First Birthday!

I had the pleasure of not only attending, but photographing this adorable little first birthday celebration over the weekend. I simply can’t imagine a cuter smile, and this little girl was beaming for hours! With cake, presents, and an adoring family, there was definitely a lot to smile about. Plus, as a bonus, it was in the 70s and sunny, and the weather just felt like the biggest blessing after a long dreary winter and early spring.

Headshots: Stephen

Working professionals know that it’s smart to keep your resume and your LinkedIn presence up to date and up to snuff! Headshots are an important part of your presence online. Make sure you are representing yourself and your brand to the best of your ability. Be like Stephan here, and book with me for a quick & painless headshots sesson that won’t break the bank!

Monika & Tim

I was so thrilled when Monika contacted me a few weeks back asking if I could shoot a small wedding ceremony at the Mayor’s office in Bethlehem. I love to do weddings of this size, they are so intimate and special, AND there is often so much more time for my favorite part… shooting the couples portraits!  Although the morning started off rainy, the sky opened up right after the couple said their “I do”s in front of the mayor, and we were able to traipse around some of Bethlehem’s most beautiful nooks and crannies for some lovely images.  Couldn’t have imagined a sweeter February morning ❤