A New Home for the Figueroa Family

This very photogenic foursome wanted to celebrate moving to their new home in Northampton with some family photos on the property, which was a fantastic idea. The weather was right, the landscape perfection, and the kids? Too adorable for words. We had fun exploring all the right places to shoot, getting smiles out of the kids, and we didn’t forget to give mom and dad a few photos of just the two of them. At the end, we even included the family pupper. All in all, a picture perfect Saturday afternoon.

The Wonder of Trees in Downtown Bethlehem

Monika, Tim, and their new addition: adorable cutie Henrik, are gracing the blog this fall after an adorable family session around the Bethlehem Library and Moravian buildings. Henrik is having a major tree moment, and spent most of the time pointing out their majesty in wonder, even signing “tree” with his hands! He was a fantastic participant, and Monika and Tim were as gorgeous as ever. I can’t recommend this area of Bethlehem enough for portraits, there are so many lovely corners and as Henrik would tell you, the trees do wonderful things at this time of year!

Mr. and Mr. Fox

I am so lucky to have had this small and lovely event as my last wedding shoot of 2020. These wonderful gentlemen had their engagement shoot (which I forgot to blog, and will have to add later!) in the same area that we shot their wedding portraits, which was really fun. The Bethlehem Library is always a terrific location to snag pictures.

After portraits and group photos, the group reconvened upstairs at McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub for a short and sweet ceremony, heartfelt toasts, loving first dances, and an excellent meal. (there were masks for everyone on the tables amongst the picturesque autumnal decor)

I wish these two nothing but the best as they continue their journey as husband and husband, and I am grateful to have gotten to shoot this intimate journey.

Jaclyn & Cody Tie The Knot!

I met Jaclyn briefly when she was a bridesmaid in her cousin’s wedding last fall, which I was photographing. We reconnected last winter when she booked her own wedding, and we shot some lovely engagement photos at Longwood Gardens where I got to know her and Cody, and what a fun, laid back (and low-key kinda gorgeous) couple they were. Since then, a pandemic took the world by storm and I started expecting my second child, factors that moved dates out, and made changes to our plans! Luckily, these two were able to salvage a beautiful small wedding, and my super talented associate DeAnna stepped in while I recovered from birth to photograph the event. The result is just as darling as any large wedding I’ve witnessed in the past, and I’m so happy these two were able to celebrate in style and get their happily ever after!

Brittany and Hans

This gorgeous fall weekend was the setting for a beautiful event at the newly unveiled wedding venue: Ludlow Farm! This rustic old barn was strung up with a million tiny lights and some chandeliers, and set with impeccable florals and decor put together by the Bride’s own aunt and mother. In the last light of the afternoon, Britt was driven up to the barn in her father’s gleaming Mustang, and she stepped out wearing a 1000 watt smile and a stylish two piece ensemble. The ceremony was short and sweet and the couple was adorably excited to be married. We hurried to a field after taking family pictures to try and catch the last of the dramatic sunset, and after that it was a blur of toasts, dinner, dances and cake! Congratulations lovebirds, I’ve always loved being there to capture your family events!

Elly and Jon

This weekend I traveled to the beautiful wine region of Virginia for the sweet farmhouse wedding of Elly and Jon. It was everything you could ask for a small country wedding, and then some. The couple are very accomplished in life, but were an incredibly laid back bride and groom. They wanted to surround themselves and spend time with their families and friends, and everything else was extra. They weren’t the type for a dramatic reveal so we traipsed around the farmhouse prior to the ceremony for portraits which is always a great way to make sure you can spend every moment of that cocktail hour with loved ones. The rest of the day was a blast, soundtracked by a talented bluegrass band and punctuated with a gorgeous sunset and heartfelt speeches, poetry, and good food. Congratulations to the happy pair, and may you continue to do so much good and activism in the world, stronger together!

Messics Family

August 24 marked what is probably my last family session of the summer, which I say with some sadness because I really love shooting and editing in the lush green and golden afternoons. However, I couldn’t be happier to have this family to wrap summer shooting up with. As a mom of a toddler, I sympathized with some apprehension mom had about how a longish shoot would go with a 3 year and a 5 month old, I know that you get what you get with the littles, and smiling pointedly at a camera is not really in the wheelhouse of the average child and baby. However, we gave the boys moments to let their crazies out, and cajoled the cutest faces out of them when we could, and it resulted in more great captures than I even planned for. Behold these cuties in all their glory! 🙂

Calum’s First Birthday

Calum is my very good friends and neighbors adorable son who just turned 1. He was all rested up and fed for this shoot, and it showed, he was cute as a button and the happiest thing ever despite the sweaty temps! Mom, Dad, and baby all had matching shirts, and we DID have balloons for about 5 minutes but some unexpected wind took them from us a little too soon. Nevertheless Cal brought his A game to the rest of the shoot and we got some true winners just in time for the big first birthday party!

Headshots for Shannon

Shannon is one of the oldest friends I have and when she told me she needed new headshots I absolutely jumped at the chance to take a mini road trip to her beautiful apartment in White Plains, NY to get those done for her! We had a great time catching up, and running loose all over the nearby campus for photos. We found some awesome nooks and corners and as a bonus, we set off an alarm taking photos in an unmanned corporate conference center. In our defense, the doors were open! It’s always a laugh with this girl, and I hope there will be more trips in the future!