Lehigh ’22 Part VI

This young woman is, I believe, a 4th generation Lehigh Grad! Her proud parents joined us for a reminiscent stroll around the grounds, stopping at all the best spots for her portraits. I love it when parents/family are involved because you can just feel the pride and joy about this momentous occasion, and one of the best parts about my job is getting to join folks for the happiest moments in their lives. Big congrats for carrying on this legacy!

Lehigh ’22 Part V

For my last and final Lehigh graduation session, this gorgeous family ran all around campus with me under the impending threat of storm! This session and the session prior featured women who were carrying on the legacy from their fathers of graduating from Lehigh U, which was really cool, and make each location even more special and memorable. I loved this session, and I really truly loved every hour that I was able to spend on this campus this spring, even when we were sweating. I want to wish everyone a happy graduation day today and a fabulous journey ahead!

Lehigh ’22 Part IV

Un-creative blog post titles aside (sorry!), I’m loving the grad sessions this year. A few years into this and I feel like these flow so well. Yesterday’s solo session was no exception! Plus I have to brag about my client(s) because we really did have to contend with two extra factors: extreme heat and a VERY crowded campus, and they were total troopers. There was a prom, and at least two other events on the grounds that we had to shoot around, but we did it and had fun as always.

Lehigh ’22 Part III

Super glad the weather held out for my second lovely group of grads yesterday, especially because they had already resheduled due to rain! Thankfully it was not an issue and we were able to do all the fun stuff including popping champagne under the classic “Lehigh 2022” as is tradition. Lots of fun, lots of beautiful portraits.

Lehigh ’22 Part II

Graduation season is in full swing now, and yesterday we started with this beautiful group of ladies. The weather was flawless and we hit all the good spots and had fun walking and talking.

Lehigh ’22!

Yesterday afternoon was a dream for weather! We had a small group of grads and although we had to dodge a few frisbees and broken heels, we got some great snaps around campus. The firsts of many groups this spring!

Three Cheers for Dad!

This weekend was the joyful start of graduation season in my world, with this adorable and proud family! The fantastic foursome gathered at Lehigh’s budding campus to celebrate Dad’s momentous achievement, all in their impeccable blues and the subject of honor in his cap and gown. Mom wore shoes from their wedding, which was also shot at Lehigh! That isn’t all they borrowed from their nuptials, we recreated some of their wedding photos as well, which was so much fun. Congratulations on finishing that degree it was so thrilling to involve the whole family, surely the achievement modeled here will be a part of the little ones’ memories and motivations in the future!

Sublime Grace on Campus

So my youth has officially become vintage throwback material, and I am an OId, but how can I complain when yesterday’s client made it all so cool again? (Peep the tank in outfit #2) We had a great senior photo session on – you guessed it – Lehigh University campus yesterday, and although I’ve spent a lot of time there this summer and fall, I did discover a sculpture I hadn’t seen before and a couple other angles I hadn’t gotten to, and it was super fun. This multi-talented beauty wowed with her style and grace (en pointe no less!) and I am excited for her journey! I love seeing what this generation is bringing to the table, so many good things co

Ladies of Lehigh: Round IV

My final group of rad Lehigh ladies, this group of crew friends! We stuck it out through a storm on Wednesday to get these photos and we snagged some winners despite the threat of rain. Happy Graduation ladies! and THANK YOU to all of these wonderful seniors for trusting me to grab these moments for you! It’s been a blast!