Going Low Pressure

One of the best things about the brand work I’ve been doing this spring is learning about the super interesting work my clients are doing. I won’t pretend I can talk at length about the workings of Low Pressure Fitness, but I know my amazing client Jenna has the knowledge and skill to teach us all, and watching her work with her own client was just an amazing and enlightening experience. You can just tell when there is healing in the air. Looking forward to the launch of her website and cheering on the promotion of wellness that Jenna embodies!

Signs of Spring!

It’s February. Still winter I suppose… There may not be too many birds and bees buzzing around just yet, but I do know two of them and they’re bringing the best sign of life into the world into a few short months! I am truly so happy for these two. They are not new at the parenting game, but they have been waiting for this new little bundle for a long time, and I am over the moon for them! We had a lot of fun with these history lovers this afternoon traipsing around one of my favorite hidden historic gems in Bethlehem, and I learned all over again how great the winter light can be. (of course the love shines brightest of all!)

Branding Bonanza!

When I was approached by the effervescent and very convincing Jenna from Back The Bride about being the photographer for a branding brainchild she had, I really didn’t have to give it much thought before going all-in. Jenna had a brilliant vision for a day of mini shoots at Fox and Finch studio for talented women-owned businesses who need to take the plunge and invest in their image. Truly revolutionary! The day finally arrived and was A BLAST!!! We had a variety of amazing ladies come in, get hair and makeup done on-site, and each and every one of them truly slayed when it was their turn in front of the lens. I am happy to say I’ve made some new friends and I’ve truly been inspired by what each of them brought to the table. For anyone reading and intrigued, I don’t think this will be the last one, so keep following for info on the next one of these events or reach out to book your own branding session!

Planner/Coordinator – Jenna DePari – Back The Bride – https://www.backthebride.com/

Venue – Fox and Finch Studio – https://www.foxandfinchstudio.com/

Florals – Marly – Fenimore & Rutland – https://www.fenimorerutland.com/

Hair – Styles By Kini – https://instagram.com/stylesbykini?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Makeup – Beauty By Bennett – http://www.beautybybennett.com

Photography – Petra Somers – http://www.petrasomersphoto.com

New Beginnings at the Year’s End

It was a rainy, cold, unpleasant day in PA, as I set out for my client’s home. I was wishing for sunshine as I pulled up to my clients’ home, but it turned out that sometimes the glow comes from INSIDE the house! We did not need any more light than we had with this beaming new family of four.

This newest little guy decided he was not about waiting another week and appeared early, exactly one week ago! It has been the most magical experience to visit with these two, three, now FOUR beautiful humans in their growing family year after year, and make memories together. This session was the perfect send-off to the holidays. Merry merry!

Giving Thanks for Family!

The extended family of one of MY favorite families gathered over this Thanksgiving weekend to document their growing brood with the matriarch and patriarch that started it all! We took over the lovely Fox and Finch studio and snapped away, giving the kids some snack breaks and then attempting to keep all eyes on yours truly! I’ve learned over the years to fire off rapid-burst style in the hopes of getting that ONE photo where toddlers are all looking 😀 I’m honored I had the chance to hang out with this bunch, and start the holiday season right!

Rain Date Magic

Sometimes it happens: you schedule a shoot, and it turns out to be a school event, you reschedule, and kids are sick, reschedule again and it rains! As we know, that is just how life goes sometimes, but rolling with the punches almost always works out! Just check out what a gorgeous, sparkling afternoon we got for the beautiful Craig family. None of our previous plans would have resulted in this light, so sometimes you just have to be grateful to fate. A wonderful afternoon hour was spent with this growing, glowing pack of 4.5 at Illick’s Mill Park here in Bethlehem and I’m so glad it finally materialized!

Ioana & George: The Romanian Ceremony

My favorite Romanian dancers are back to grace our screens! I first met Ioana and George at their elopement in Nazareth, PA, where it was just the three of us capturing the moment for a short hour. This time the happy couple came together in a gorgeous Romanian church in New Jersey surrounded by family and friends, arrayed in their stunning traditional clothes. I felt so honored once again to be photographing these memories for them. After the ceremony we frolicked through the nearby fields for portraits to show off those amazing outfits, and their effortless love. My heartfelt congratulations again Ioana and George, I hope you never stop celebrating!

Lehigh ’22 Part VI

This young woman is, I believe, a 4th generation Lehigh Grad! Her proud parents joined us for a reminiscent stroll around the grounds, stopping at all the best spots for her portraits. I love it when parents/family are involved because you can just feel the pride and joy about this momentous occasion, and one of the best parts about my job is getting to join folks for the happiest moments in their lives. Big congrats for carrying on this legacy!

Lehigh ’22 Part V

For my last and final Lehigh graduation session, this gorgeous family ran all around campus with me under the impending threat of storm! This session and the session prior featured women who were carrying on the legacy from their fathers of graduating from Lehigh U, which was really cool, and make each location even more special and memorable. I loved this session, and I really truly loved every hour that I was able to spend on this campus this spring, even when we were sweating. I want to wish everyone a happy graduation day today and a fabulous journey ahead!