5 Amazing Lehigh Valley Engagement Photo Locations

If you’re happily engaged and looking for a great place to get your engagement photos taken, you couldn’t be in a better spot. Here in the Lehigh Valley, there are MANY amazing spots for engagement photos, much more than 5, but the following are some of my favorites, and deserve your consideration!

Trexler Memorial Park – Allentown, PA

This park is amazing for it’s varied scenery, trees, grasses and overlook, and is so big that it’s a great little bout of exercise too! I have taken many a favorite shot here and I come back again and again.

Engagement Photo Lehigh University

Lehigh University – Bethlehem, PA

I am an “old building” lover and you just can’t do better for architecture than the turn of century buildings and gorgeous landscape at Lehigh University. It’s academic, timeless, and I have so many favorite corners, you will always win here.

Engagement Photo Historic Downtown Bethlehem

Historic District/Downtown Bethlehem, PA

I am biased, because I live in this town, but I know this area by the back of my hand, and I love that you can go from open pathways, to quaint brick doorways, to stunning architectural interest all in a few blocks. I will always push this one especially to Bethlehem locals!

Maternity Photo Valley Forge PA

Valley Forge Park – Valley Forge, PA

It’s a teeny drive from the valley, but well worth the trip. Valley forge is vast and breathtaking, with monuments and structures that will simply stun time and time again. Any time I get to come out for a shoot, I wind up blown away by the results.

Engagement Photo Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens – Kennet Square, PA

Ok… hear me out, this one isn’t exactly in the Lehigh Valley either but it’s just such a favorite for me I couldn’t not end on this note. Longwood Gardens is one of my favorite places in general, truly a marvel to behold any time of year, and when there is love in the mix, it’s like a fairy tale come true.

Do you have a favorite location in this amazing group of towns? I must know! Leave me a comment!

November Brilliance

I never could have predicted it… November is not on the top of my list of favorite months, however for some unknown reason it has historically produced some of my favorite photo sessions. I can’t explain it, but I’m grateful for this mystery. I am sure, as always, that it had much to do with the couple I was lucky enough to hang out with today. My clients pulled up rocking out in black, with the most effervescent pink hair, and a darling little bouquet. THAT is the way you stand out in a November landscape! We had a stroll through the hidden gem of Hellertown’s Woodland Hills Preserve, and snapped away as the sun played games in and out of the clouds. Next May is going to be a blast, and I can’t wait to spend another day capturing Rebecca and Mitch’s laid back, sweet, but colorful vibe!

Freezing Beauties

Sunday was without a doubt THE COLDEST graduation session (or session in general) that I’ve ever shot, and let me say, the gorgeous ladies graduating from Metro Beauty academy did not let it stop them from hitting all their poses. I couldn’t feel by hands and I was in a puffer coat, so as I’m writing this I hope that no-one got hypothermia! Join me in congratulating these professionals on their graduation, and I thank them for making the day a little warmer with their enthusiasm and champagne!

Benjamin & Hilary

A gorgeous old mansion, a black dress, high end spirits, and acrobats!!! At least two of those were firsts for me at this perfect October wedding. I enjoyed every hour of capturing this couple’s stunning and sweet event this Saturday. Love filled the air, I mean you could just breathe it right in. Benjamin and Hilary are head over (sparkling) heels for each other. If you couldn’t see it for yourself, Ben was happy to tell you. As we discussed how everyone should be so lucky to have a love like theirs he became serious, saying: “but they’ll never know… because they can’t have her; she’s mine!” I just about melted on the spot, and that’s BEFORE he saw his bride in her incredible black gown. Tears ensued (mine). Please enjoy these moments at Bethlehem’s inimitable Sayre Mansion, and share their joy!

Ladies of Lehigh

Congratulations to this accomplished group of ladies on their graduation this spring! This was a fun session on a beautiful afternoon, with a great group of women, who I’m sure will go on to do great things in the world!

Small and Sweet Spring Vows

I met Tanya and Avi at Bethlehem’s district court for their quick and sincere marriage ceremony on Monday. They had decided the hullaballoo of a larger wedding was not their style, and were happy to tie the knot in a low key and un-fussy way. They made this decision look super appealing, and it was nice not to have to worry about anyone else but each other during such a special moment. After the ceremony, we took a stroll around Bethlehem’s historic Archibald Johnston estate, which we had all to ourselves to capture some casual but loving pictures. The newlyweds were brilliant at smiling and laughing through their photography trepidation. Any wedding day that turns into laughter is a win in my book!

Congratulations Lehigh Graduates!

Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, temps are rising and that means soon hats will be flying off at Lehigh and colleges everywhere as seniors prepare to graduate after a very unusual final year! Now more than ever before it feels good to have documentation of the accomplishments these determined individuals have achieved. Lehigh might be the most gorgeous campus I’ve been lucky enough to photograph on, and I’m excited to share images of celebratory grads. Check back for more galleries in the coming weeks!

Glowing like Ember(s) in Fall Color

Another set of returning clients and friends returned last weekend with their new daughter (see a pattern this year?) AND they brought their dog Ember, which I think may have been a first for me, and was a really fun addition. We hunted down some fall color to shoot around, and mom and daughter popped in two sets of matching reds. I was super impressed by this little girl’s positive energy and eye contact. I sense a modeling career in the future! It was a really fun afternoon with lots of love and laughter, and perfectly rounded up my family sessions this fall!

A Car, a Pumpkin, and Seven Smiles

Returning after a sweet nuclear family shoot last August, this family brought the grandparents and one lucky uncle to take some extended family photos at Trexler Memorial Park in Allentown. To my surprise they also brought a very cool old (but looking sparkling new) car! We just had to get a couple shots with it to start the afternoon. As we wandered the park, we had fun with leaves, a perfect little pumpkin, and the occasional stick or two (if you’re a four year old, you know!) But despite two very active little fellas, we managed to wrangle a bunch of adorable images before sending them to the next stop in their day: Trunk Or Treat!