Friday, I’m in Love

Under the gothic arches of the vibrant, eclectic Pocono Palms in Canadesis PA, Becca and Mitch celebrated their union in a wedding that was truly to DIE for. I waited for this day with much excitement, because I knew their event was going to be unique and special, and I came away probably even more jazzed up. Simply amazing. Becca and Mitch are beautiful, sweet souls, and if you’re looking for deep eternal romance vibes you’d do well to take notes. Not pictured: the soundtrack, which was maybe one of my favorites to experience, including heartfelt live performaces. After all, musicians know how to do it! I wish this couple the same powerful love you experienced today, for all time.

Photo: @petrasomersphoto
Planner: @electriccityeventco
Venue: @poconopalms
Catering: @roots_catering_llc
Entertainment: @slingshotdakota | @gocomando
Floral: @wildlynativeflowerfarm
Bakery: @madebylino
Bartending: @served_with_a_twist
Transportation: Bill Henwood Transportation
HMU: @hairnmakeupkit
Hair color: / @riseabovehair
Photo Booth: @majesticbooths

Hangin’ With the Girls

My second stop on a lovely two-shoot day today was the home of a talented fellow Lehigh Valley family photographer and her two sweet, sporty and sassy daughters. We started with some couch snuggles and garden hugs, but upgraded to playground park shenanigans by the end of the hour, as one can expect from active ladies! I loved meeting these three, and it’s always super fun to compare notes with another creative. May our paths cross again soon!

Hats off Lehigh!

My client today walked the stage and officially graduated Lehigh University along with, I assume, all of the brilliant ladies I’ve had the pleasure to photograph in the last few weeks. It was uplifting to listen to the closing remarks of the commencement, and capture all the happy tears and celebration afterwards! This is such a big life moment, I’m glad this family will be able to savor this feeling for a while! Congratulations to all!

Miss R

Back to Lehigh University today for a delightful solo graduation portrait session on a beautiful afternoon. Campus was pretty quiet, and we were able to get all our best angles. Congratulations to another accomplished graduate!

On the Farm, with all the Buddies

I had the greatest time tonight meeting a fellow photographer and her beautiful family, and taking some lovely frames on such a beautiful spring night. Little guy rode in deep with all of his stuffed buddies in his arms and they came along for the ride too, everyone is welcome on the farm! We enjoyed grassy strolls, sunlit frolicking, kisses on the stone path and wrapped the night with a little portraits trade. I loved making these and I am excited to have helped preserve this sweet time in life.

Congratulations Lehigh Grads!

For my penultimate group graduation session, we battled a few prom goers and one dance group for domination of the best corners for photos, but as always, fun was had, bottles were popped, and the ladies looked stunning! It’s been such a blast capturing these photos for the class of 2023, and I wish everyone the best for their future and a really fun graduation!

Morning Bubbly!

We had a nice quiet morning with the Lehigh campus to ourselves for this session. Always fun to open the champagne before noon! Congratulations Lehigh class of 2023!

The Battle for Campus

Tonight’s shoot was the challenge of all challenges, it seems that every prom-goer in the entire city congregated at Lehigh for their pre-prom photos. Not to be outdone, we got some amazing portraits of this group, and it was as fun as always. Sometimes it takes a shake-up to discover some new great spots!

Terrific Trio

For my fourth excursion to Lehigh this season, I had a short and sweet session with three lovely ladies at my favorite spot to photograph portraits. Somehow the grads this year know how to make these robes werq, I don’t know how they do it! Best of luck and a hearty congratulations to all my clients this season!

Feels Like Spring!

How do you know spring has finally sprung? The weather is a perfect 78 degrees, the sun is sparkling through the treetops and the grads are out and about celebrating! Life is good! Back on campus today getting these gorgeous smiles on record, and loving every minute of it. It always reminds me of my own college friends ๐Ÿ™‚